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Edward Joseph Snowden (born June 21, 1983) is the Antichrist

Edward Joseph Snowden (born June 21, 1983) we have to pay attention, he is the number one suspicious.

Mr. Snowden i want ask you something. You was a computer professional engineering working for the government intelligence agency of USA. Even a child know that all the government intelligence agency offices have the important job: spying, spying, spying. All the secret agency service studying and learning new ways for spying the "enemies". And you do not know enything about these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stop lie and tell us the truth. I am the partner of Devil, i am the Antichrist.
The guardian company. Excuse me all af you, the journalist, the big minds. All those years you did not know and now you can see the truth!!!!!!!!!!!! All those years you did not know that CIA spy the whole world????? I can tall you at list 20 famous people that had allready said the same things. Why so big publisity for him. He is not a hero , he is the Antichrist. And all of you warking for his master, the Devil. God will soon make His appearance.

          We are in the first week of 2014 and Edward Joseph Snowden has made his first official public appearance on Christmas day Wednesday 2013. He has spoken in channel 4 of Britain and sent message of personal freedom to the British people and consequently in the whole world. This video was transmitted by the CNN and most tv channels all over the world. He appearred as the one who cares about the individual, personal and private freedom of man. He comes as an after Christ prophet and he says to us that we are being watched. We are very sorry for him because we already know this information.
       He accuses the secret services of USA that they spy the whole world, All the governments of the world do the same thing, spy their citizens. Hypocrisy, is one of the main characteristics of the devil, his intellectual father.
       So nothing in this world is coincidental, his first official public appearance and not as a hidden person, happened Wednesday and Christmas. The perfect collaborator of devil came out the day that Jesus was born, and Wednesday was the day where Jesus was betrayed. Have in mind that from now on, he will attend to in more world scope events and he will appear as the righteous man that speaks for civil liberties. ATTENTION - attention this isn't coincidental that the selected subject, is what the devil prefers, civil liberties.
      He could very well deal with the world economic crisis lead to the exit from this and automatically would become hero of all populations, could also speak for the peace, but he did not do it. However, the main reason he selected civil liberties as a subject, as the devil always does in order to catch humans in his nets. IF you have noticed, all satanists say: Devil is not like God, leaves man free choice without guilt, without controlling his actions, without restrictions and prohibitions. The devil doesn't demand from his followers fast, prayers and indications in their lives and above all else without making you feel the “eye of” God is always watching all of your moves and creates fear and judges to you with His severity. This is what Snowden - Antichrist wants to teaches us.
         His next step will be his public appearance in the European parliament and after this, it will happen what was mentioned in the book of Revelation " the wound from the knife" and the supposed “resurrection-healing”.
          Brothers, I encourage you to spread the fact of the first official appearance of the Antichrist on 25 December 2013. You must not be afraid. God has reduced the final years and so we won't have a seven-year period as the saints acknowlendged. The time of the battle has began, we have to speak the truth about him, that he is the Antichrist. Now we have to speak about his future.
        Hear me out,people, Snowden will be the most famous person in the planet, he is going to be a global governor and then e will demand from us to worship him as God.
          The time has come for us to extinguish our sins, the time has come to pay back our dept to Jesus, the time has come for us to fight for Him.

 Finally the time has come, is July 2013. Antichrist has made his humble appearance. Edward Joseph Snowden is supposed to be the one who cares about the world freedom and privacy. He is the perfect collaborator of devil, he has already acquired enough fame. We have to be careful, he is going to try to mislead us. It will be easy because he has innocent, humble and fair outward appearance. Remember soon he is going to be famous. At the present moment USA hunt him, and he is trying to find political asylum, but there is not answer. It is very possible the Pope or the patriarch to give him asylum. Therefore it will also appear who will be the false profit of Apokalips. Probably they will try to kill him and he is going to be resurrected, or to survive Our eyes and our mind should be open and we must watch his progression. He been born in 1983 and in June he became 30 years. I repeat our eyes openly the time has come. Propagate these information, we have debt to speak and write about him (Edward Joseph Snowden We should not be worry, we should not be afraid, God is with us. I want to say how i conclude in that person. First of all he was born in 1983, which is in agreement with our theory. The way of his appearance, his attribute, the humble of his character, the sacrifices that he made, the certainty and his boldness in the interviews that he gave. We all waited for the year 2013 in order for us to see the presence of Antichrist. Finally appears a person 30 years old (born in 1983) as we have supported, which has also and the rest characteristics, as also we have declared repeatedly, which they will be the most important criterions for his recognition. He will be honest, propert, likeable, righteous, fair-minded, he will fight for high ideals and taking into his consideration the common good and God! All these are concentrated at him. He left a achieved career, he left a rich life, he left one beautiful fiancee and all these in order to support each simple person that is in danger from the almighty system of follow-up of secret services of USA. We all know that all are watched, mobile, house phones, e-mail, discussions inside our homes etc. He left "his paradise" in which he was living and he prefers to be hidden and searches desperately for political asylum. And all these because he prefers to has his conscience clean and his eyes also clean in front the God!!!! He is going to continue like this, with low profile but honest and fairly, untill the right time of his murder or the time of his arrest. All these make him as the number one suspect. We should be informed and watch him so that we can be always a step in front of him. So we know and inform the people about his direct future. Devil or Satan is tricky and conman as our lord Jesus said. He is sneaky and crook which has deceived monks,citizens, Saints. Devil in the past had transformed into angel and into Madonna. Now we are waiting for him (Antichrist) and we have the calculators on hand. What do you think, is it possible the name of his man, of his best associate to make sum 666??? Then would not be crafty and fraud, but stupid and virtuous. But of course he is not stupid. He was NEVER honest during the history. ALWAYS it deceits with lie, fallacy and ostensible kindness in order for him to achieves what he is planning. This is not going to happen. Antichrist his perfect partner is not going to have name with sum 666. Then the years of Antichrist would not be the biggest fallacy, but the most apparent truth. Devil does not want to fail. He does not reveal his real name, this will happen later. Moreover Ioannis the beloved student of Jesus the writer of Revelation chapter 13 verse 18 “Here is wisdom. The one who has mind understanding and count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number [is] 666”. It needs wisdom and mind for someone to decipher the 666.

Dear World we have to announce you, that Antichrist was born in 1983. This date is not an accidental date, but a date that it results from a serious study. A study from the Bible, which was first published by a Christian orthodox monk in 2006. His name is father Maximos. I have studied it also and i believed it. But not only me, there are a lot of people all over the world that they believed it. I consider it, as my moral obligation to informed you.
Antichrist will be the perfect partner of the Devil. We must be careful because Antichrist will not be ugly and he will not be like a monster as the Hollywood try to convince us.
The Saints of Orthodoxe Christian Faith have informed us, that Andichrist will be handsome, fair, prudent, wise, man humanitarian, but all this will be a hypocritical behavior.
He will try to deceit all of us in order to become the global governor. Afterwards he will show us his real person, but then it will be very late. This is the reason of the existance of the book of Revelation. To inform everybody to avoid to take the mark of the Antichrist and to inform us that we must not live in the society of the Antichrist, to inform us that he is going to make us believe him as a God.
Dear people of the nations, you can imagine what kind of power he will have on his hands. All these system of surveillance, all the technology, all the power of the media will be his. All of them prepare his arrival. Why they are in such a hastiness for the global government, why they conspire for one religion with one spiritual leader the Pope?
This is not a fantastic script, but a possible reality. The history of the human kind has shown, that every century has a dictator, a paranoid, who wishes to subjugates the world. This is not unlikely to happen, but something that our history has taught us and the most important is, that this is a 2000 year old prophecy from the East Orthodox Christian Faith.

I am sorry for the repetition, but we have to forget the hollywood image of the Antichrist. He will not be ugly and evil, he will be handsome with sweet personality.
We must also have in our mind that the technology and all the spy systems, they will be even more perfect in 2015-2018, the years of his kingdoms. So he will know who is not going to believe in him, and who is not going to kneel him as a God.

We want also to clarify that we addressed το everybody, we do not care about your religion, or your nationality. We believe that the worst fallacy in the human history it's going to take place, and we have the duty to inform you.

Jesous Christ warned us, that the 3.5 years of the kingdoms of the Antichrist will be the worst sadness in the history of the human kind. To avoid this we must not believe in him (Antichrist) as a savior, we must not take on our bodies his mark and we must not live in his society. We must make the sacrifice to leave the organised society and trust the providence of God. We must leave our lives on the hands of God. During that period we may live in deprival. But later the nations who have choosen him (Antichrist)as their Messia, will live the worst years of the history, dispite us who we will enjoy the presence of the god which will protect us.

There are some things that you can not play with, there are some things very important, which you can not ignore. When the Son and the Self Expression of the God says: "the wosrt days", how can you not pay attention? Those days will be so terrible that no one will have the power to regret, and on the contrary people will curse the name of God (Revelation chapter 6). So we must be patient, listen to the words of God and leave the global state of Antichrist. We must "hidden" ourselves in the place that God will have kept for us.
we do not want to force you to believe us,but we want to have this theory in the back of your mind. Every day you listen a lot of crazy and heretic theories, so just keep this one also in your mind, and i am sure that you will gain something. We warn you that in the end of the year 2011 he will make his appearance, for sure during 2012 he will start his evil mission. In 2013 all the world will know him.

Of course you may wonder. How do we know that the year 1983, is realy the year of the birth of Antichrist? As i had allready told you, this is a result from a serious study from Bible, which it is in agreement with the Saints of East Christian Orthodox Faith. The proof of this theory is in the Book of Daniel. This is the Book which Jesus ordered his 12 students to read, in case they wanted to be informed about "the last days".
And something very important . Something that came out, from the words of our Lord the Son of God, Jesus. This is written in the Gospel of John chapter 5. Jesus told to the Jews: "you don't beleive me, and i say the words of the Father who is in the Heaven. Instead of me you will believe someone else, who will speak only for his self." The explanation of this, according to the Saints of our Faith, is that this person will be the Antichrist. Antichrist will be the Messia of the Jews. We do not have something against Jews people. We are grateful because they taught us to believe in one truly God. But unfortunately they were misguided from the Devil. Before 2000 years when Jesus were in earth as one of us, they expected a King like David, and not a spiritual savior. They are still doing the same mistake. They still continue to believe that the promise of God is a King to come. The creator of the universe does not need a human being to save the world. No one is able to save the world but God. So can his only son Jesus, and he is going to do it again.
We beg Jews to realise the truth. They misunderstood the words of the Prophets.
There is something very obvious, something so big, a sign from God to for them. How they can not realise it?
Why are the only one, whose religion has no temple? Why God give the authorisation to be left without alive faith? Which kind of a sin is so big, that makes God want to punish them so hard?
The anser is easy. Because they killed the Son of God. They killed Jesus. Not Romans as Jews insist. Their priests, Annas and Kaiafa force Pilatos to do that.
So unfortunately according to Bible the Messia of Jews will be the Antichrist. Let see what the Jews say about that. They shout that the long awaiting Messia is coming.
Have a look at the following address: http://www.chabad.gr/templates/articlecco_cdo/aid/68166/jewish/What-we-believe.htm
Also there is a web site talking exclusively for their Messia http://www.moshiach.com/
In this web site they try to convince their compatriots about the existence of the Messia, and for his soon arrival.
Through the documentary of National Geographic "Mysteries of the Bible" episode: "THE HUNT FOR THE LOST ARK", they declare the coming of their Messia.
- There is an official Hebrew association called "The Temple Mount Faithful Movement", which said a letter to Pope. The letter begins like this :"Immediately return the Temple menorah, vessels and treasures to Yerushalaim!". As you can read they do not kindly ask but they demand. You can read this letter in the following address : http://www.templemountfaithful.org/News/20040209.htm
Inside this letter they report :"This is not a vision for the distant future but a very clear actual and practical plan of G-d for the time in which we are now living." And this is the arrival of their Messia.

So what shall we do now? We must not change the way of our lives. We must not be in panic, we must not be afraid, we must continue to live normaly our lives. We should change only one thing. We must believe in the resuraction of Jesus and we should make spiritual preparation. It is essential for us to know that in 2012 or 2013 at the latest, a young handsome and wise man will appear and within 3.5 years will be the most popular person in the planet. John, the beloved student of Jesus, warned and informed us that we must not take his mark on our bodies.
Of course everything is going to be different by the time of his presentasion. Then everyone must follow the plan of God, which will be redeeming for our soul.
The last years in many web sites and on youtube there are several theories about his name. According to these the name of Antichrist is Fox. I also agree with those theories.
In 2010 the Christian orthodox monk (father Maximos) published his second book about Antichrist. Inside this book there is another study (from a person called George Kapetaneas), who explains why Antichrist's name is indeed Fox.
I am sure that you have noticed the Devil's gesture, (a gesture also used from the heavy metal groups) a gesture that every leader in this planet has done.
I am showing you some pictures.

So what do you think? What are those people trying to rell us? That they are satanist, or that they like to hear heavy metal music? Of course not. This is the sign of Antichrist, and because they have been elected from his power, they have to greet him. This is the secret signal which shows that they belong to him. Imagine his power. All the leaders of the world are obligatend to greet him in every meeting and in every place. He is still to make his officialy presentation. Think only what is he going to do when he will be given the jurisdiction from us.
Now lets find out together what this gesture means. It seems to be like the face of an animal, and indeed it is an animal. If we read the Revelation's chapter thirteen, we will see that John call the Antichrist "beast". Beast in the Greek language means wild animal, not ugly but wild. So he told us that his name will be an animal's name. He told us also that If we calculate the letters of this name will make sum 666.
The only animal's name which the numbers of its word sum 666, is the fox. In any way the sum is 666, you can see the table below (clik on the table).

So according our theory, between the year 2011 (in the end of that year) and 2013, a young man with the name Fox or with the symbol Fox will be the most famous one in the planet.
Be careful he will be the Antichrist.

We understand that this theory is extreme, unbelievable, and looks like a fairy tail, but you should keep it on mind, and we will see, the time is so close.
As you can see, nothing is going well. All the values of the society have fallen down. Αrt and sports have lost their meaning. Art by definition seperates human from animals. Art promotes our spirit, but now snow business promotes instead of talent.
No need to tell you enything about the economic situation of the planet. You know it better than me. They manipulate our lives in such a way, in order to ask for a savior.
In addition, apart from all these theories of conspiracy, the nature is also shouting to us: the end of your ecological community is coming.
The new Babel for the human kind is his selfishness. Although the ice of the north pole is melting, the countries do not worry for the consequences, but fight each other for the arise land.
Also humans think themselves as little Gods. They believe that they are unbeatable. They think that their developed society can resist everything, and that their technology is a weapon against everything. But unfortunately it's exactly the opposite. The nature can wipe us out any moment. We have every day examples. Let see the most recent one. During the extended cold winter in Europe this year (2010), England had problems with gas, and France and Germany had economical problems, because the snow and the cold obstructed the transports. And this meteorological phenomenon was not so extreme, as the biblical disaster that the hollywood movies show us. So you realise that the human civilization is nothing, and every moment the nature can easily destroy us.
So according to the Revelation and according the ecological community, we are headed to the end. That's why Jesus told "i will sorten those days in order you stay alive"

We would like to clarify that we dont have anything against Jews. On the contrary we owe Jews, because they taught us to believe the one and unique God the creator of the universe. But as we mentioned earlier, Jews were deceited from the devil as they are still waiting for a social king instand of a spiritual leader and unfortunately they did not accept Jesus.
As we also mention earlier Jesus told us, that Jews will believe Antichrist as their Messiah. And as far as Jews concern their Messiah has already been born. There was a very important man, a man which died January 28 2006. Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, the legendary centenarian kabbalist, nobody knows precisely how old Kaduri was as the time of his death, Estimates range between 106 and 113 years old. In his funeral were above 300.000 people. Imagine how famous and beloved was between the Jews, that the most famous singer in the planet Madona asked for a hearing from him. In the year 2003 Kaduri said that he met the long awaiting Messiah.

As i have already told you, those days will be very misleading. For this reason Jesus us told, that even the most prudent would be seduced. But God will not leave us without protection. In Revelation it is written that there will be two delegates of Him. Yes dear fellow people, this is not a fairytale but a reality and God, like a caring father, had already informed us before all these happen. As devil will have two partners Antichrist and his assistant, God will send two men which will inform us about. They will say to us who will be the Antichrist and who will be the false prophet. In Revelation the Antichrist's assistant's name is "false prophet".
The name Antichrist is not an accidental name. The saints of east Christian orthodox faith gave this name to him, because Antichrist will try to imitate Jesus in everything. Devil wants to convince us that Antichrist is the true Messiah, and not Jesus. He also accept that God is wise and his plans are also wise, so he will copy God's plan. So Antichrist will also have a prophet to prepare his arrival, as Jesus had (John the Baptist). That will be the mission of the false prophet, to prepare us for his arrival and to convince us that Antichrist is God.
So all the religious people will be seduced from the "false prophet" and the rest of the world will believe him as a global considerable manager.

I would like to return in a very serious subject. The faith of Jews in Messiah. I will repeat it, we do not have enything against Jews, on the contrary we are grateful because Jews introduced us God, the creator of the universe, although they were deceited from the devil and they are still waiting a social king instead of a spiritual leader. Maybe this is tedious, but i have to say it again and again. This is the reason why "we are watching" them because Jesus and the saints of the east Christian Orthodox faith informed us: be careful the Messiah of Jews will be the Antichrist.
There are some people here in Greece who ask us with attitude: why are you interested in devil and you are not interested in Jesus?
This question is a misleading one. This theory came out of Bible and of the study of the saints of the east Christian Orthodox faith, and it has nothing to do with devil. We do not say to you: "watch" the Jews , but we inform you about the preparation of Jews for the arrival of their Messiah. We are not telling to you: you do not have to go to church, on the contrary we are telling you that you have to be next to the real God which is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Please wherever you are, no matter your nationality, just have in mind that around 2012 a young man with the name Fox or with the symbol fox will appear, and about 2015 will be the global governor.

In this web site we set the date of Antichrist presence. Before we accept these dates, we wounld have to accept something else. We should decide: will God inform us about the last days and about the deceit of the Antichrist and the false prophet or humans will face the worst years of the human history without warning?
Let's search for the answer into the holy bible. In the old testament God was always warning his people for every bad thing it was going to take place.
God warned Noah about the flood, God also warned Lot of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. God warned Joseph of the seven years of the global starvation, when he was in Egypt. God also warned the people of Israel of the seventy years of confinement in Babylon. We have even more examples which prove that God never left us without warnings, when something very serious was going to happen.
Now it is time to reveal the answer of this subject in the Gospels. The four authors of the Gospels, have chosen subjects which are the sources of salvation for our souls. So some subjects was been written in one Gospel, some others in two Gospels and very few in three or in all Gospels. This particularly subject is reported in three Gospels. Only in the John's Gospel there is no reference about the utmost days of the world and the Antichrist. However John, who was the beloved student of Jesus, is the author of the Revelation, which refers mostly to the Antichrist and the Second Coming of Jesus.
For example in the Gospel of Matthew chapter 24 verse 3, the Apostles without any doubt, were asking Jesus about the utmost days. Therefore, the chapter was the answer of Jesus to this question. He gave information and signs of his Second Coming.
Pay attention to this, 3 of the Apostles wrote one chapter each for this subject. John the beloved student of Jesus wrote the Revelation. Consequently this means that God wants to inform us about the utmost days.
There are some people who are teaching that we must not study such things, and we must focus on Jesus instead of Satan and Antichrist. We are very sorry but we have to listen our lord Jesus and not them. In the same chapter 24 of Matthew on verse 33, Jesus advised us, that we should be careful. By the time we saw the signs, Antichrist will be exactly behind our doors.
The will of Jesus according to the Gospels is that people should read and learn the signs of the utmost days. Today many people trying to put us in the dark. This is the opposite of the meaning of the Gospels.
In the Gospel Jesus was asked Jesus for the daily goods, he replayed that we do not have to worry about our food and clothing. Instead we should pray only for our soul and the rest will add. But he did not answer in the same way in the question of the Apostles, about the utmost days. He did not say: you do not have to worry about those days. His answer was specific. He spoken with details and finished with the words: when you shall see the signs, the utmost days will be behind your door.
Now after all these that have been said, no one wounld believe that God of love and welfare, will abandon us without warning us against the coming of the worst years in the human history (Matthew chapter 24 verse 21)
In the Gospel of Matthew chapter 24 verse 32-33, Jesus was talking of the fig tree. He revealed that, when we should see this kind of tree become tender and with leaves, the utmost days would be outside our doors. The Saints of the East Orthodox Christian Faith explain, that the fig tree symbolizes the State of Jews, and the tenderness and the leaves the founding of the Israel State. In the next verse 34 Jesus said that: the generation that would see all these would also see his Second Coming. So according to the Gospels and the teaching of the Saints of the East Orthodox Christian Faith, the generation of 1948, will see Jesus's Second Coming.
Through this web site we have outlined the acts of Jews people which are proving that they are rapidly awaiting their Messiah. But if someone search, will find a lot more. Please, watch the following video on youtube with the title:"MOSHIACH IS HERE!!!". Also visit Jews' official web site Chabad:"http://www.chabad.gr/library/moshiach/default.htm": in this particular web address you can see a video playing automatically; watch it carefully. The dream and the hope of the Jews people is the building of their temple and the coming of their Messiah.
We would like to clear up a big mendacity, which is been used to make us unable to face the true. In the same Gospel and in the same chapter, in verse 36 Jesus was telling to his students that no one knows the day and the time of his Second Coming, but the Father and no one else. That's exactly the reason why we have the Saints of the East Orthodox Christian Faith; because they have the Holy Spirit and they can explain the Holy Bible. The Great Vasilios, John the Goldspeech, the Great Athanasios explained this verse and they teach us: the Holy Trinity is one "matter", it is inseparable, therefore it is impossible for the Father to have secret from His Son and from the Holy Spirit. All the Saints of the East Orthodox Christian Faith declare that the day of the Second Coming of Jesus will be Sunday. How could someone be a Saint and not pay attention on this verse? And if we believe the verse (36), what is the meaning of verse (33)? Jesus calls attention to us that if we want to realise the utmost days we have to watch the signs. Then he says that no one knows his Second Coming. How can this be possible? The explanation that the meaning of this verse is not the obvious, but something else, comes from the Saints of the East Orthodox Christian Faith. Jesus wanted his Students to focus on his mission, which is to save the world. Αfterwards he wanted the Apostles to preach to the hole World about this Faith of salvation. It was not the right time for them to know about Antichrist.

We have not realised the power of our era. This period is beyond any imagination. We have in our hands the technology which 25 years ago it was impossible for enyone to visualize. The communications are in very high level, and every day you can find information on every subject you wish. Also the transports have been involved such a high level that every day thousands of airplanes are in the air. This is not a normal society and this is not a normal era of the human history. The knowledge of the human kind is in a very high genius level. Recently in the world of scientific community were published the results of a research about the "big bang". It's really unbelievable that the scientists discover what happen the first half of second after the "big bang". If we accept this theory, that means that God gave us the permission to understand the first moment of the creation. If this is true, it means that God wanted to give us the information of the outset of time, this particular information has nothing to do with the salvation of our soul. So if God gave us so specific informations which are unrelative to the salvation of our souls, wouldh't He be given us informations which are relative to the salvation of our soul? The knowledge of the utmost days is important, because we must recognise the Antichrist and the False Prophet if we want to save our soul.
In addition nowadays human has the skill to "create" a man. We can choose the sex of our children, and from hairs we can clone a man. This according to our religion is only in the hand of God; only God can control life. So if human has this ability, it means that this era is different from all the history of the human kind.
If humans have the ability to know what happened in the moment after the "big bang", or to control the sex, the colours of the eyes and the height of a newborn, then it is unfair to insist, that is impossible to know the end of the time.
We must realise the era in which we are living (Daniel chapter 12 verse 4). If we are able to know how the world began, and if we can create human beings, then we must accept that we have also the ability to find out the end of the world, the birth and the name of Antichrist and who is going to be the False Prophet.

Before i start writing this study about the exact period of time of the official presence of Antichrist, i would like to welcome you all from around the world. It is very impressive, that this blog has been read from Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe to north and south America.
Now it is time to continue. Please pay attention to the following.
In my country a lot of person insist to say that it is forbidden to predict exact days, and they are trying to make us believe that predicting exact days it is against the Holy Bible. They also say that nowhere in the Holy Bible are there any clues about specific days and time.
As we have already seen in this blog this is a big lie. God has been always warning his people for any danger or disaster and gave period of time clearly or indirectly.
Noah was informed from God about the flood. Concequently he started to construct the ark. So the rest of the people knew that by the time the ark was ready, the flood would begin. So what do you think? Is it a time determination or not?
The same thing happened in the case of Lot. God had informed him about the destruction of Sodom just one day before it happened. In addition in the book of Daniel it is written the exact time of the birth, the death and resurrection of Jesus. Joseph was also informed through the dream of Pharaoh about the seven years of global starvation. Not to meantion that God had informed Jews for the exact years of their captivity in Babylon and Egypt. God also informed the people of Nineveh through the prophet Jonah, three days before the destruction of their city. And finally Jews were informed about the appropriate time of their exodus from Egypt.
So it is very easy to realize that the whole of the Old Testament is full of time determination proofs. Later we will have the opportunity to figure out the same conclusion in the New Testament.
Untill now we have realized that God always informed his people for every bad thing it was going to took place. The only difference was how soon they were informed before the incident. But this is up to God wisdom, He knows when is the right time in every case.
In THE Holy Bible it is written that the years of Antichrist will be the worst years ever. So what do you think? Is it possible for God to leave us without warning? The above examples prove to us the exact opposite: God for sure will inform us about the arrival of Antichrist.
The proof of the year of the birth of Antichrist is up to the hand of God. God revealed this year to us, and this year is the year 1983. First of all Father Bissarionas in the year 1982 revealed Antichrist's conception, then father Arsenios (in the year 1988), and last father Maximos which made a perfect theological study, in the year 2006. So we (that we feel that God send us an information) have the duty to inform the rest. If we do not do it, we will be judged strictly.
Although God had given us the year of the birth of Antichrist, probably his name and the day of his first appearance, and although we watch the terms of his global government to be fulfilled, we still don't believe it. And you know something? People are right because, it is not easy to believe such a theory, and it is also not easy to believe in the existence of Antichriste, unless you believe in the resurrection of Jesus. Nowadays that the Faith in Christianity is not as strong as it used to be (and this is a big problem in order to believe in the Second Coming of Jesus)it is important not to forget, that immediately after the end of Antichrist, Jesus will come again for his eternity kingdom.
So, if we consider the low spiritual level of the society and all the fallacies, God "Has" to inform us about Antichrist, because without his help no one of us could salvage from the evil plan of devil.
The fact that God has already informed us is very helpful but on the other hand is also demanding. We have no excuse. We know the dates, the false Prophet and the name, so we can't say: i am sorry i didn't know. The providence of God is helpful, and we have to thank God for this, because we can protect ourselves. But we must also have spiritual eyes to distinguish the words of God from the words of the wolves who appear like sheep.
There are so many and so deceitful theories against Jesus and against Christianity, that makes the reveal of the exact days top necessity. As a consequence there will be no mercy for those who are going to jibe and slander this information.
(The Old Testament which is full of wisdom and words that come directly from the "mouth" of God is the glory of theology. That is the reason, why devil is so against it, and that is the reason why so many heretics fight against it. Gospels can not stand without the Old Testament, and we must not forger that Jesus always used it in order to give answers to his accusers).
Before i move on i would like to repeat something, something that has been used from the enemies to blame this theory. In the Gospel of Matthew and in the 24 chapter, in verse 36 Jesus was telling to his students that no one knows the day and the time of his Second Advent, but the Father and no one else. That's exactly the reason why we have the Saints of the East Orthodox Christian Faith; because they have the Holy Spirit and they can explain the Holy Bible. The Great Vasilios, John the Goldspeech, the Great Athanasios explained this verse and they teach us: the Holy Trinity is one "matter", it is inseparable, therefore it is impossible for the Father to have secret from His Son and from the Holy Spirit. All the Saints of the East Orthodox Christian Faith declare that the day of the Second Coming of Jesus will be Sunday. How could someone be a Saint and not pay attention on this verse? And if we believe the verse (36), what is the meaning of verse (33)? Jesus calls attention to us that if we want to realise the utmost days we have to watch the signs. Then he says that no one knows his Second Coming. How can this be possible? The explanation that the meaning of this verse is not the obvious, but something else, comes from the Saints of the East Orthodox Christian Faith. Jesus wanted his Students to focus on his mission, which is to save the world. Αfterwards he wanted the Apostles to preach to the hole World about this Faith of salvation. It was not the right time for them to know about Antichrist.
The Saints of the East Orthodox Christian Faith taught us that Antichrist's official appearance will last for 7 years. The last 3,5 years will be the years of his Global reign. Those years will be the worst years ever, according to the Gospels and Daniel the Prophet.
If someone wants to study this specific subject (the utmost years of the world, which refers to: Antichrist, Second Advent of Jesus, resurrection of the dead, eternal Kingdom of God etc), he shouls study all the Holly Bible and the explanations given from the Saints of the Christian Church, however the main parts of the Holy Bible which refer to those years are: 1)Daniel's 2)the special chapters of the three Gospels, in which Jesus explain all the details of the years before his second coming(Matthew 24, Lucas 21 and 17, Marcus 13) and 3)the Revelation. In all these are being referred special and specific time determinations. In Daniel's chapter 8 verse 14 (2300 days), chapter 12 verse 11-12 (1290 and 1335 days), in Matthew's verse 34, in Revelation chapter 11 verse 3 (1260 days). It is very obvious that God gave us specific time determinations. So we have to find out one constant point on time in order to make the right calculations. And this is not luck. He gave us those specific periods of time, in order to inform us when the time comes. I humbly believe that this time has already arrived.
In Holy Bible God sometimes used standardization. This is to say that anything happened to a person is going to happen to another person too. For example, Joseph the son of Jacob, was betrayed by his brothers, and after he became their King and their savior. Exactly the same happened in the case of Jesus. The saints of the east orthodox christian faith say that Nebuchadnezzar is the standardization of Antichrist. The reign of Nebuchadnezzar lasted for 36 years. According to the theory of fathers Maximos, Arsenios and Vissarionas since Antichrist was born in 1983, is going to live for 36 years (as long as lasted the reign of Nebuchadnezzar) until 2018. So, the Second Advent of Jesus will take place in 2018. Ok, this is our theory and it does not mean that is true and of course we have to wait and see what is going to happen.
I am going to show you a number of coincidences refering to the years 2011 and 2018, that it is impossible to have happened all together by chance.
Firstly. We know from the saints that in the Holy Bible the tree of fig symbolizes the nation of the Jews. The dried up fig of the Gospel showed us that Jesus is not performing only beneficial miracles, but he can also punish if He wishes to. With this miracle He also wants to show to Jews that they are not any more the beloved nation of God. One simple example that shows the connection of the fig tree with the Jews people is the one in the Holy Bible in the book of prophet Jeremiah chapter 24: in this chapter God parallels the good and the bad acts of the Jews people with the fruit of the fig tree.
In the gospel of Matthew chapter 24 verse 32-34, we have the parable of the dried up fig tree. Fig tree is the Jews' nation, which is going to lose everything: God's goodwill, their country and their Temple. Jesus said that by the time we see the branch of this dried up tree become alive, the Jews nation will gain again his lost identity. This become a reality with the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948. In verse 33 Jesus pinpoints that by that time (the establishment of the state of Israel) we will see all the signs that were described earlier in the same chapter and this will bw the beggining of the utmost days of the world. Then according to verse 34, the generation that will see the newborn state of Israel will see and live the utmost days and His Second Advent.
Now 1948 + 70 = 2018. (first coincidence). But why we have to add 70 years for one generation? Because in the Holy Bible 70 as a number of years were already used twice to bond: one generation of Jews people with the Holy temple and the punishment from God. The first time was the exile in Babylon which lasted 70 years. (Jeremiah chapter 25 verse 11). Jews forgot the true God and they were worshiping idols, so God punished them with 70 years of captivity and the destruction of their temple. The second time was the generation of Jesus. The generation of Jesus killed the Son and the Self expression of God, so God punish them with exile and destruction of their temple, 70 years after His birth. It is possible that now, after the establishment of the state of Israel, Jews will begin the recreation of the third temple, will believe Antichrist as god and also help him become global governor. So it is also possible that God will punish them (and all of us who we are going to believe Antichrist as god) again, after 70 years with the death of their Messiah.
Second coincidence. In the Gospel of John (chapter 5 verse 43) Jesus accuses the Jews of not believing in him, and instead of him they will believe in someone else. The saints explain this verse and they say that Jews will believe that their Messiah is the Antichrist (also we know from the christian faith that the Antichrist will have an official appearance for 7 years). So if we accept the fact, that the Second Advent of Jesus will take place in 2018, this means that the Antichrist is going to make his first official appearance in 2011. Now lets see what the Jews believe and are waiting for.
We have seen in this web site that the Jews who study divinity, say that 6000 years from Adam it will be 2012. Jews also believe that the six days of the creation account for 6000 years and the 7th day in which God "had a rest" account for the millennium of the Messiah. The important thing is that they insist that we are not 5770 (2010) years from Adam, this is a mistake and after very special calculations it will be 6000 years from Adam in 2012, which means that 2012 will begin the Messianic period. http://www.diagnosis2012.co.uk/new3.htm#juda.
But when is the first of the year for the Jews? It is during Autumn. So at the end of 2011 the Jewish calendar will already be at 2012. You see, the Jews confirms our theory.
At the moment we have only two coincidences. If we continue to accept the fact that the Second Advent of Jesus will take place in the year 2018, then begin another run of coincidences. The year 2018 has three peculiar coincidences. According to the calendar which was in place during the period that Jesus was on earth, His resurrection took place on the 25th of March. This was the Julian calendar. According the Julian calendar the 25th of March is the equivalent to the 7th of April according our timetable. The Easter of the Orthodox Christian Faith in 2018 will be on the 8th of April, Sunday (first coincidence of the year 2018). Saint Kosmas said that the Second Advent of Jesus will be when we will have double Easter. The saint fathers of the christian faith teach us that the "Evangelic" of the Holy Mary is equivalent with Easter. Because the embodiment of the Son and the Self Expression of God brings the salvation to the world, exactly as the resurrection of Jesus does. The christian orthodox faith celebrate the "Evangelic" of the Holy Mary, that is impregnation without sperm by the act of the Holy Spirit, on the 25th of March. So in 2018 we will have on Saturday the 7th of April the "Evangelic" of Holy Mary and on Sunday the 8th of April Easter. This means we have a double Easter (second coincidence inside the year 2018). And the third coincidence, a great one, is the relationship between christian and Jewish Easter. From the Gospels we know that on Friday Jesus was crusified and on the next day, Saturday, was the Jewish Easter and on the next day, Sunday Jesus was resurrected. Exactly the same will happen in 2018. Saturday the 7th of April is the Jewish Easter and next day Sunday the 8th of April is Easter, that is resurrection and eternal life with Jesus.
Everything shows that we finally found the right day from which we can start counting according to the specific time intervals that the Holy Bible gave us. And that day is April 8, 2018. But soon we will figure out that the coincidences do not stop.
We were told by a very important person which featured in the Old Testament. This is Antiochos IV Epiphanes, King of the Seleucid Empire 175-164 BC. This king forbade the worship of the true God, he occupied the holy temple and put inside it the statue of Jupiter and he also ordered the people to believe in him as a god because he said that he was the incarnation of Jupiter. This lasted almost 7 years (2300 days) and then was over thrown by the leadership of Maccabees and as a result they liberated the holy temple and dedicated it again to God and stopped the spiritual death. The Jews in memory of this successful revolution have a special feast called Chanukah. Please pay attention to this Jewish celebration, because it is very important for our subject.
This king according the saints of christian faith is the perfect standardization of the Antichrist and he is reffered to in the Book of Daniel chapter 8. Our saint fathers explain in this chapter that Daniel is speaking of Antiochos IV Epiphanes who is the standardization of the Antichrist. My personal opinion is that this chapter describes Antiochos IV Epiphanes and the Antichrist also. We will figure out that these two people are still connected and Epiphanes dates the first official presentation of Antichrist.
Let's study together this chapter from the Book of Daniel. Epiphanes was a successor of the empire of Alexader the Great, as Daniel says in verses 21-22 ("21 The he-goat is the King of the Greeks: and the great horn which was between his eyes, he is the first king. 22 And [as for] the one that was broken, in whose place there stood up four horns, four kings shall arise out of his nation, but not in their [own] strength.").
Verses 9-10 describes a powerful king of a very large kingdom, who is going to be against the forces of heaven. ("9 And out of one of them came forth one strong horn, and it grew very great toward the south, and toward the host: 10 and it magnified itself to the host of heaven;...)". I have the feeling that this fits more to the Antichrist than to Epiphanes, because Epiphanes's kingdom was not so large (from Turkey to Iran), Epiphanes was not so powerful, on the contrary the Antichrist will be a global governor, very powerful and his enemy will be only Jesus. Epiphanes knew very well that he was not the incarnation of Jupiter, he just wanted to have power over society through religion, but the Antichrist will know very well that he is the partner of the devil in his crime against humanity.
In verses 11-12 it reffered in the profanation of the Holy Temple by Antiochos IV Epiphanes, which lasted for almost 7 years (2300 days) the standardization of the 7 years of the Antichrist. ("11 And [this shall be] until the chief captain shall have delivered the captivity: and by reason of him the sacrifice was disturbed, and he prospered; and the holy place shall be made desolate. 12 And a sin-offering was given for the sacrifice, and righteousness was cast down to the ground; and it practised, and prospered.").
The same again in verses 17, 19 it is clear that these verses speak for the utmost days. ("17 And he came and stood near where I stood: and when he came, I was struck with awe, and fell upon my face: but he said to me, Understand, son of man: for yet the vision is for an appointed time. ... 19 And he said, Behold, I make thee know the things that shall come to pass at the end of the wrath: for the vision [is] yet for an appointed time.)".
In verses 24-25 Daniel speaks for a devious King who corrupts the authorities. This is exactly what Epiphanes did. He appointed the priests of God and led Jews away from the real God. Of course Antichrist will do exactly the same thing and even more. He will appoint governments and priests (Patriarch, Pope), and he is going to lead millions of souls to devil. In Epiphanes days, the priests did not work for the real God, but they were working for his purposes. Exactly the same do the priests today, they are working for the creation of one religion, one religion which is going to designate Antichrist. ("24 And his power [shall be] great, and he shall destroy wonderfully, and prosper, and practise, and shall destroy mighty men, and the holy people. 25 And the yoke of his chain shall prosper: [there is] craft in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by craft shall destroy many, and he shall stand up for the destruction of many, and shall crush them as eggs in his hand.)".
And at the end of verse 26, the archangel Gabriel (verse 16: "16 And I heard the voice of a man between [the banks of] the Ubal; and he called, and said, Gabriel, cause that man to understand the vision.") told Daniel to seal these informations because they are for the distant future. This fits more with Antichrist than with Epiphanes, because Daniel saw the dream in about 521 B.C., Epiphanes was a king about in 175 B.C., so 400 years separate them. So think that Daniel is more than 2100 years far from Antichrist. ("26 And the vision of the evening and morning that was mentioned is true: and do thou seal the vision; for [it is] for many days.").
It is very easy to mention the similarities and things in common between these two people. So we can say that no one can standardizated Antichrist better than Epiphanes. That period, it was not strange for a king to be believed as god (Egypt, Rome), but the difference with Epiphanes was that he profaned the holy place of God, and substituted the real god with himself, something that exactly it is going to happen by the Antichrist. The kings of that period of the history wanted to be worshiped like god, but usually they did not forbid the worship of other gods too. Epiphanes forbade the worship of the true God. Antichrist will do the same thing. Antichrist is going to say that he is the truth and that Jesus was a fake. He is going to degrade the real faith (in the resurrected Jesus) with deceits and bribes, so he is going to have the support of the leaders of christianity, exactly as the Epiphanes did who appointed priests and had the control of the religion ceremonies. So fairly the saints fathers of christianity have the opinion that Epiphanes is the perfect standardisation of Antichrist and of course is not arbitrary at all to consider that the official presence of Antichrist will be 2300 days. ("14 And he said to him, Evening and morning [there shall be] two thousand and three hundred days; and [then] the sanctuary shall be cleansed. ...26 And the vision of the evening and morning that was mentioned is true: and do thou seal the vision; for [it is] for many days.").
Before we start counting from our fixed time point (8-April 2018), it is necessary to discuss something else that proves the diachronic relation between Epiphanes and Antichrist.
Epiphanes occupied the Holy temple of God, brought the spiritual desolation and forbade the sacrifice to the real God. (That was terrible, can you imagine nowadays not to have a church to worship God? Because those days it was only one temple, only until after the resurrection of Jesus and the global mission of Apostles we could have churches to worship the god everywhere. Our religion leaders are trying to do exactly the same thing. They betrayed our faith (patriarchs and Pope) by working for the creation of one religion.) The year 165 B.C. Maccabees rebelled against Epiphanes, and took back their temple and their state. Then the Holy temple was liberated and dedicated again to God. Inside the Holy temple there was continuously burning a vigil candle. That vigil candle should have been supplied with pure olive oil. But unfortunately there was not enough olive oil to feed the vigil candle, there was olive oil only for one day burning. And then the miracle happened. That olive oil was burning for 8 days, enough time for them to produced new pure olive oil for the vigil candle. Since then Jews celebrate this miracle with dignity. They named it the Maccabees festival or the openings festival (because after the profanation that epiphanes did inside the temple, it was like they had a new temple) or the light festival (because of the miracle of the 8 days of the burning of the vigil candle). Later, from one hebrew word which means dedication (because the temple rededicated to the real God by Maccabees), this festival was named Chanukah and they celebrate it every 25 of the jewish month Kislev. The month Kislev is in line with November and December, so very often Chanukah is near Christmas.
So, every 25 of Kislev Jews celebrate this speciall festival by lighting a 9candle flashlight, 8 candle which symbolise the 8 days in recall of the miracle and one central candle. The festival lasts for 9 days, and every day they light one candle. This especial candle is burning for 9 days from the 25 of the winter mouth Kislev in every Jewish house. And during the years this custom became very important equivalent with the festivals that tora order (the laws of Moses). All over the world all the Jews have to light this 9candle in a obvious place, like window or even outside the door.
The last 40 years during christmas we have the lights of the christmas tree, lights on the windows, in the garden, everywhere. And as it is natural and because christians are more than Jews, the world forgot Chanukah and celebrate christmas. Now all the world in December remembers only christmas. This is very hurtful for Jews. They lost the exclusiveness of their festival, and the attention of the world. Their festival was an innovation for many years but again for one more time Jesus won them and put them in the second position.
We must not forget the direct relation between Epiphanes and Chanukah. Τhe expiration of the occupation of Jerusalem and especial the expiration of the occupation of the Holy temple from Epiphanes after 2300 days (almost 7 years), is the recollection of the miracle that was carried out the same day. That is the 8 days miraculously lighting of the candle.
That is Chanukah = the end of the 2300 days as Daniel said and the redemption of the Holy temple in the worship to the true God.
The christians should also celebrate this miracle. Because God showed His will with this. And He proved to us that Maccabees were right because they rededicated the Holy temple to God.
But first of all Jews ought to learn a lot from this miracle. The coincidence of 25 of Kislev and 25 of December, and the fact that the miracle lasted for 8 days, they is not accidentally. The number 8 symbolizes the eighth day, which is the eternal life with Jesus in heaven. Also the eighth day is more important than the seventh day. For Jewish religion Sabbath is more important than the human being. And they also should thing what Jesus always used to tell them, that He is the light of the world. So 25 of Kislev, the festival of the light as Chanukah also named, symbolizes the birth of the light in the world, which is Jesus the Son and the Self expression of the Father God.
For all the above reasons Chanukah or the light festival or the Maccabees festival or the openings festival is very important for the Jewish religion. Chanukah is be accompanied by holidays and by festival events in Israel. The place of the events is the hill of the Holy temple. This custom which became an official religion celebration begins from the book Leviticus of the Old Testament chapter 24 verses 1-4. God gave an order to Jews to always burn a candle with olive oil in the Holy temple, without stopping. So when the temple was finally cleaned from the sins of Epiphanes and was dedicated again to God, He maked His appearance by keeping alive the light of the candle that He had ordered to be always lighting.
Now let's summarize our fix time point, which is 08 April 2011. Till now we have 5 coincidences for that date, a lot of similarities between Antichrist and Epiphanes and of course we have the saints of our faith which consider Epiphanes as the best standardization of Antichrist. In the chapter 8 of Daniel verses 12-14 is described Epiphanes's sin, the greatest sin ever happened. He stopped the worship of the true God and put himself in the position of God, and he demanded from the people to worship him instead of God. This lasted for 2300 days. This is the only reason why the Holy Bible is been reffered to him. Because he put himself in the "house" of God and took God's position and said: i am the God, you must stop believe in God and you must start believe in me. This is the difference about Epiphanes, that he put himself in the position of God. That period of history it was common for kings to demand from people to worship them as Gods, but no king put the real God away and took God's throne. Exactly the same is going to do Antichrist. He is going to say that "i am Jesus, you have made this terrible mistake all these years, and now you must worship me and not Jesus anymore". This is the reason why Epiphanes and Antichrist are the most sacrilege persons in the history and this is the reason why the 2300 days are reffered to both persons.
Finally we are ready to count down 2300 days from 08 April 2018. And the day resulting is 21 December 2011. Then we have again three coincidences, two of them are very notable. Now it is my time to ask you what day do you believe is the 21 December 2011? 21 December 2011 is 25 of Kislev, which means the first day of Chanukah. Is it possible to have again such a coincidence? Jewish calendar is not in line with our timetable. So 25 of Kislev is not a stable day and every year we have a different day, for example this year (2010) 25 of Kislev was in 8 of December. Imagine how difficult is to coincide 2300 days from 8 April with 25 of Kislev. 21 December 2011 is Wednesday, Wednesday was the day that Jesus was betrayed. Try to remember what the day 21 of December remind you. The last years they are trying to convince us, that something is going to happen in 21 December 2012 according Mayan's calendar. Please do not be hurried and do not say that this is one year after our calculation. Because we have already mentioned that the first of the new year for the Jews is during Autumn. The first of the year 2012 for the Jews is in 29 September 2011. So for them 21 December 2011 will be already 2012. We realise that in some way they say to us the truth. They are trying to convince Jews first and then the rest of the world, that Antichrist is the awaiting Messia. We must have our eyes and ears open in a year from today (21 December 2010), because a young man will make his first appearance and in three years is going to be the most famous and beloved person in the entire world.
For the end we have the best one. Something that it is not just a coincidence but a sign from the Holy Bible to us in order to understand clearly the meaning of Chanukah and to realize that this theory is true.
In the Gospel of John chapter 10 verses 22 and till the end of the chapter, is being described one of the visits of Jesus in the Holy temple which took place during winter time. That day the Jewish people asked him and demanded from him an answer, in the question :"are you the Messia that we are waiting for?". Jesus answered them that he is the Messia. Then Jews they did not believe him and they tried to kill him by throwing stones at him. Jesus tried to calm them and then He taught them that He is the son of God and the self expression of God. After He explained to them that they must forget the role of the Messia as an earthy king and as a leader of a nation, because Messia is something more, a spiritual savior. Jewish religion is by definition against Jesus and their holy book talmud is also against Jesus too.They believe that Jesus is a fraud. So they still remember and are still upset, because Jesus did exactly the same thing as Epiphanes did; he said inside the Holy temple that he is the God. Jesus just told them the truth, that He is the second person of the Holy trinity. As a result Jews still wishing and waiting for their Messia to come and restore the taint that both Epiphanes and Jesus did inside the Holy temple. And the greatest coincidence of all is that, that day was the Chanukah day (or the Maccabee feast or the light feast or the openings festival or the dedication feast) verse 22:"22 And it was at Jerusalem the feast of the dedication, and it was winter. 23 And Jesus walked in the temple in Solomon's porch. 24 Then came the Jews round about him, and said unto him, How long dost thou make us to doubt? If thou be the Christ, tell us plainly. 25 Jesus answered them, I told you, and ye believed not: the works that I do in my Father's name, they bear witness of me.". The day that the Holy temple was cleaned from the taint of Epiphanes, the day that was named day of light or the dedication day, was the day that Jesus came (the real light of the world) and told them that He is the son and the Self Expression of the God. DO you still believe that this is a coincidence? Now we can see the evil plan of the Devil, which Antichrist is going to achieve. The day that the Holy temple was cleaned from the taints of Epiphanes and was also the same day that Jesus told that He is the son of God and He is second person of the Holy Trinity, which is an other taint (according Jews religion). The exact same day Antichrist the real Messia (according Jews religion) will come and will prove that he is the real cleaning of the dedication feast. So that day will be his first official appearance, and that day by a "coincidence" is 2300 days far away from 8 April 2018. And remember that during Chanukah in Jerusalem there are holidays and festive events which happen on the holy temple hill.
And something important which makes us realize how seriously Chanukah is connected with Messia in the Jewish religion. The gematria of the word Chanukah in the hebrew language has sum 358, the same gematria sum has the hebrew word for Messia.